This is an article about  Dominion Voting Systems, and a bogus claim that I make about the one they produce. First of all, who ever made this false claim? Who on earth made such an outrageous statement?

Well, I guess someone in the Trump campaign or in some other political campaign is making it to create an impression to people of a high quality product. You can bet they are not telling the truth, but rather they are trying to sell you something they feel strongly about, and they want to sell it through the most direct means at their disposal.

The problem with this claim is that it does not hold up to scrutiny, because while there is no way of verifying this claim, there is plenty of proof that the system was used by all three major political parties in the 2008 presidential election. And even if it did not, it is certainly false to imply that it was only used in that election, because it was used in many other elections as well. That is why we call it the “FIVE DESTINATIONS” and not the “TRUMP” Destinations.

Now, let us take a look at the different types of voting systems. First of all, we have the most popular, the Borda Count. This is an electronic system where each elector is marked onto a card. The votes cast then count against each other to determine the outcome.

The second type is called the Plurality voting system. It is a system where the first and second choices for an election are then compared. In a two-party election this is extremely unlikely, but in a multi-party election it can happen. That is why the system is used for all three major parties. It allows voters to have more than one option to choose from.

Next we have the preferential voting system, which involves giving voters a list of candidates and showing them the rankings that they have for each one. They can mark their top three and the candidate with their top three that rank highest will be the winner.

Then there is the multi-winner system, which takes into account all the choices by multiple voters, and is considered the most popular of all voting systems. Of course, it has its flaws, but it does give a fair comparison for any given election.

As you can see, this system uses all three methods in a real election, and was used in the recent election. If you want a look at the results in the United States, you can check it out at my website.